Kyle's Quest 2 Level Utility

KQ2Tool is, um, a tool for manipulating .kq2 files. This is its official home page. Exciting, huh?

Slightly more seriously, the program is designed to plug a few of the gaps in the level editor for Kyle's Quest 2 from Crimson Fire Entertainment, an RPG engine for Palm and PocketPC. The editor is functional, but lacks creature comforts, particularly regarding the organisation of the various items that make up a level. Not anticipating a new version of the editor any time soon, I decided to add copy, move, delete and find functionality myself. (Later: there has been a new editor since then, and some of the features of KQ2Tool have been added, but not all of them.)

The latest addition, as of version 0.97, is text import and export of scripts. It's still very early in development, but it seems to be functional, and opens up the possibility of doing some work on the Palm itself, among other things.

Also, since the site has moved to roomier hosting, I'm going to keep a few previous versions available for download, starting with 0.96.


KQ2Tool097b.zip v0.97b (365k)

v0.97b - 2003-10-25 - Minor fixes to script import/export. Added item count.

v0.97a - 2003-10-22 - Added experimental text import/export of scripts.

v0.96 - 2003-06-02 - Fixed map copying. Can't remember what else I've changed since the last version. It's been a while.

v0.94 - 2002-09-07 - Added full text export. Tidied up the General info.

v0.93 - 2002-06-10 - Fix file format problem with new tiles, character sets and graphics (with thanks to Gandor for discovering that one). Show monster characteristics as text.

v0.92 - 2002-05-01 - Sped up the script handling a bit, and fixed a problem where copied scripts wouldn't show in the list.

v0.91 - 2002-05-01 - Fixed a minor problem with monsters not being correctly linked to groups.

v0.9 - 2002-04-30 - Initial release. It seems to be working, but needs a bit of tidying up. There aren't any instructions or anything, but it should all be pretty obvious.

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