Commoria for Kyle's Quest 2

Screen shotCommoria was one of the first complete levels for Kyle's Quest 2 from Crimson Fire Entertainment, an RPG engine for Palm and PocketPC.

The level was originally designed by the prolific Qa'Pla Guy, who handed it over to me to debug and tidy up when he moved on to his next project. Qa'Pla produced three or four levels in very short order, throwing out ideas in all directions, but sadly all of them lacked a bit of care since he was always in a rush to get to the next project. As such, Commoria is, I think, the only one of his levels that still works with current versions of KQ2.

99% of the content is his. I had to add a couple of missing graphics, correct some palettes, edit the text, and generally fix all of the scripting bugs and stitch together the parts.

Commoria is not particularly regarded as the best KQ2 level, but it is playable and fairly solid, and as such, I thought it might be useful as a demonstration level for others to look at and learn from. To that end, I asked for, and received, Qa'Pla Guy's permission to distribute the source of the level, which is presented here.

Downloads - Full source: The .kq2 file and all graphics. (817k, zipped) NOTE: This is the source prior to the 1.6 rebuild, so it will work with either version of the editor. - (v1.02) The level itself, as seen on the official downloads page, including both KQ2 1.4 and KQ2 1.6 versions. (166k, zipped)

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